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Riviera Equine
Internal Medicine & Consulting

RIVIERA EQUINE INTERNAL MEDICINE & CONSULTING is a niche equine veterinary practice led by Dr. Phoebe Smith, a board-certified specialist in equine internal medicine. We provide specialized internal medicine services for horses in the

central coast and southern California regions.

We work with veterinarians treating complex internal medicine cases, trainers & riders working to maximize athletic performance, and owners requesting a second opinion or specialist evaluation.

Veterinary medicine is a rapidly advancing field and

one cannot know it all. Specialization affords in-depth knowledge and experience in focused areas of medicine.​ We believe the best medicine is delivered by a team approach. Professionalism, collegiality, and collaboration are foundations of any successful team and we strive to build this with every consultation.

Contact Us

PO Box 748
Los Olivos CA 93441


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